As soon as we receive your notification, we will appoint a dedicated claims handler who will be your point of contact right the way through to the conclusion of the claim.

Professional negligence claims

If the claim is in the pre-action stage, your claims handler will take a view on the merits and then recommend a strategy for dealing with the claim going forward. Depending on the merits, the claim will either be settled on the best available terms or robustly defended. You will be consulted at all stages of the process and kept informed of developments as and when they arise.

If proceedings are issued, PAMIA will instruct solicitors (and, if necessary, counsel) to conduct the claim on your behalf.

Complaints to IPREG

If IPREG has written to you asking for your comments on a complaint made to them, we offer guidance and advice on the best way to structure your response. We are experienced in dealing with regulators and would ask Members to bear in mind that the content and tone of any response will play a key role in determining whether or not the  regulator decides to take the matter further.

If the complaint is not dismissed at a preliminary stage and you face charges of Inadequate Professional Service and/or Professional Misconduct, we will instruct counsel to represent you at the disciplinary hearing.

Information from IPREG

Claim handlers

We understand the embarrassment and stress that may be experienced by a practitioner when facing a professional negligence claim. We will do everything that we can to minimise that stress. You will of course appreciate that if a claimant persists with an unmeritorious claim, there will be little we can do at PAMIA to prevent them from doing so.

If we take the view that the claim against you has merit, we will take immediate steps to settle it on the best available terms with your consent. We always try to ensure that the terms of any settlement reached include a confidentiality clause.

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